Elia Grid International

Your Expert in Power System Solutions

Elia Grid International (EGI) embodies the international ambitions of the Elia Group. By offering consultancy and engineering services on the international energy market, EGI develops power system projects for third parties and considers the investment opportunities in foreign electricity systems.

As a wholly owned subsidiary (50/50) of Elia Transmission in Belgium and 50Hertz Transmission in Germany, EGI combines the best of two large European electricity transmission system operators that both have a solid track-record and years of expertise.


Proven track-record

EGI relies on a team of internationally renowned experts that have both the know-how and the expertise to meet the highest technical and economic standards in the power system business.

The unique international cooperation between its parent companies Elia and 50Hertz, gives EGI a direct and privileged view on to the best practices in the TSO business, constantly validating these practices against the day-to-day operational challenges.

In addition to establishing best practices, EGI’s experts also develop innovative tools and protocols to help clients envision a modern power system and supporting them in forecasting the impact of such a design. The objective is to achieve a cost-effective and reliable exploitation of the client’s existing and future assets.

Expert domains

Elia Grid International is a strong partner with a proven system operator approach in all aspects of electricity transmission.

EGI offers expert services to clients worldwide in the following domains:

  • Asset Management
  • System Operation
  • Grid Development & Network studies
  • Owner’s engineering & EPC (management) of high voltages lines & substations
  • Electricity markets and deregulation process development
  • Renewable energy integration


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