Corporate Social Responsibility

Besides performing the duties of a TSO, the members of the Elia Group make a positive contribution to society and environment. The group ensures security of the power supply in all the areas it covers in Belgium and Germany and therefore plays a key role in the well-being of the community in these areas and in the economic success of companies and the general success of organisations.

The members of the group believe that only the active quest for a real balance between generating profit, guaranteeing people’s well-being and preserving the nature and the environment can bring about sustainable success for the projects. Elia and 50Hertz actively support European, federal and regional energy and climate targets.

Constant stakeholder communication and participation is key for the Elia Group during the whole project lifecycle. Close cooperation with environmental authorities and forestry departments to plan line corridors with minimum impact on the landscape and maximum distance from closely populated areas. Wherever possible, lines are bundled with existing overhead lines and other infrastructures. It is in this manner that we seek to avoid unnecessary and negative influences the natural landscape.