The Elia Group is organized around two Transmission System Operators (TSOs), Elia in Belgium and 50Hertz in Germany with their fully fetched Governance Structure. In addition, the Elia Group offers a range of consultancy and engineering services to third parties all over the world through its subsidiary Elia Grid International (EGI).

The activities of the Elia Group are coordinated by the Elia Group Coordination Team (EGCT) composed of:

  • Chris Peeters, President
  • Boris Schucht, Vice-President
  • Catherine Vandenborre, Chief Financial Officer
  • Markus Berger, Chief Executive Officer of EGI

Permanent guests of the Elia Group Coordination Team are in charge of various functions of the Elia Group:

  • Gregory Pattou, Secretary General
  • Frank Vandenberghe, Chief Officer Customers, Market & System
  • Pascale Fonck, Chief Officer EU Activities
  • Pierre Loverius, Chief Information Officer        
  • Niels Engelke, Chief Strategy Officer


Find more information about the management teams of Elia, 50Hertz and EGI: