In the last 10 years, the configuration of Europe’s energy supply has witnessed more changes than during the previous half century. The dynamics of this energy transition with a shift toward higher shares of renewables and more and more decentralized actors are not limited to national concerns but rather have an increasingly important European dimension.

The energy revolution also has an important financial impact: it’s a complete game changer for the electricity industry. Grid reinforcement and extension are identified as key for mastering the changes. Transmission System Operators (TSOs) must keep their costs in an acceptable range and ensure that the energy revolution can happen in an efficient way.

In order to master these challenges, Elia Group has defined the following activities:

Recently, the Elia Group has started up a new business unit for its international activities: Elia Grid International (EGI). Backed by its two system operators - Elia and 50Hertz - with a proven international track record, EGI delivers innovative system solutions for third parties.