Innovative system control solutions

Demand Response

To cope with the increasing need of flexibility due to the growing share of electricity from renewables, demand side management can be an additional mean. The concept consists of influencing the demand from industrial and business consumers in times of tight supply situations.

Instead of building additional plants only needed very seldom to cover the demand, providers of demand side response shall become an increasingly important element to keep the balance between supply and demand in the electricity system, especially at peak consumption times. That helps also prices stay lower for the entire society.

The TSOs of the Elia Group negotiate contracts with consumers ready to offer flexible demand-side reactions and integrate these new elements into their system control tools.

Operating phase shifters

The TSOs of the Elia Group are operating phase shifting transformers as additional technical devices to steer electricity flows across borders.

This does not only allow for better using trading transport capacities for electricity market actors, it also strengthens system security. While using phase shifting transformers in a coordinated way with its neighbouring TSOs, the Elia Group helps avoiding overloads of grid elements.

Increased grid usage

The Elia Group aims at offering a maximum of grid capacities to the electricity market without endangering the level of system security. In order to best monitor the available transport capacities, the Elia Group monitors heavily loaded lines with innovative devices (Ampacimon) in order to identify additional transport capacities that can be temporarily used without infringing operational limits.

In cold climate conditions, some lines (High Temperature Low-Sag lines or HTLS-lines) allow to transport more electricity since the surrounding air cools it avoiding thus too much sag. The TSOs of the Elia Group also run high temperature wires in some very heavily used sections of their grids with appropriate topology. Those special conductors can transport more electricity than classical conductors.


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