Integration of renewable energies

An important cornerstone of the energy revolution is the rapidly growing share of renewables. Most of the renewables have new characteristics that have to be mastered to safely integrate them into the electricity system: their volatility, their concentration in new areas, their lower predictability and their low marginal costs. This makes the integration of renewables a complete game changer for the business models in the electricity sector and has a strong impact on the entire society.

The Elia Group supports regional, national and European policies related to the energy revolution towards a zero carbon economy and pushes for the progressive integration of increasing shares of renewable energy sources. By connecting renewables to the electricity system and by transporting the sustainable produced electricity to the consumption centres, the Elia Group creates important preconditions for a successful energy revolution and thus for climate protection.

Since new transmission capacity is needed between production and consumption centres, the Elia Group optimizes the use of the existing grid, reinforces some assets and ultimately expands its grids where necessary.