Energy revolution: renewables

Over the last years, the European energy landscape has changed dramatically. The integration of a growing share of renewables in Belgium and especially in Germany has become a major challenge for Transmission System Operators and other actors working together in the energy system.

The variable nature of renewable energy requires greater flexibility in the management of the electricity system as well as a new ways of managing and preparing the grid for fluctuations in injections typical of this type of generation.

The share of renewable energy generation in Belgium and Germany has considerably increased.

Renewable energy sources in Belgium

The share of renewable energy -primarily from wind and solar- is constantly rising in Belgium, reaching 1500 MW and 2500 MW respectively in 2013.

Renewable energy sources in Germany

The share of renewable energy in Germany has grown strongly, with the 50Hertz region having the highest wind energy output in the world in relation to the consumption of the area. In late 2013, wind farm capacity accounted for around 41% of German total or 13,360 MW. For photovoltaic, generating capacity was 7,435 MW.