• 16.05.2017

    Interim statement: Q1 2017

    In April 2017, Elia approved formally the investment for an 'electricity plug' or a 'modular offshore grid' (MOG) in the North Sea. Choosing in favour of an MOG is of strategic importance for the future of Belgium in terms of its participation in the further development of renewable energy in the North Sea.

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  • 18.04.2017

    The Elia Group’s annual report is now online

    The annual report provides a general overview of Elia and 50Hertz’s activities in 2016 and focuses on Elia’s new strategy and its main challenges and activities in Belgium. The first paper copies of the report will be available in May.

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  • 03.04.2017

    Elia successfully completed € 250 Million bond offering

    On Friday March 31, Elia System Operator NV/SA, the Belgian transmission system operator, has successfully issued a new 10-year € 250 million bond off its € 3 billion EMTN programme (*). The settlement date for the bond issue is expected to be 7 April 2017.


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  • 24.02.2017

    Elia Group is progressing well on key investments while achieving solid results

    Highlights 2016

    • Grid investments of €440 million in Belgium and €737 million in Germany to secure further the uninterrupted supply of electricity and to accommodate increasing renewable energy flows. ?
    • Very high system reliability (99.999%), benefiting 30 million end-users in Belgium and Germany. ?
    • Normalised net profit down 4.4% to €168.0 million following increased maintenance expenses in Germany (result down by 22.2%) partly compensated by a strong operational year in Belgium (up by 13.4%) ?
    • Dividend of €1.58 will be proposed at the General Assembly on 16 May 2017

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  • 07.02.2017

    Regulated information – transparency declarations

    Within the framework of the law of 2 May 2007 and the Royal decree of 14 February 2008 (publication of significant participations in companies listed on the stock exchange), Publi-T has notified Elia on 17 January 2017 that its interest in Elia has decreased under the threshold of 45% of the shares issued by Elia and reached 44.97% on 22 December 2016.

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