Elia Group is progressing well on key investments while achieving solid results

Elia Group, consisting mainly of the Belgian system operator Elia and the German system operator 50Hertz, plays a key role in the energy transition that is currently taking place.

In 2016, the Elia Group once again succeeded in delivering the investments needed for a gradual energy transition. Geared to society's needs and choices, its extensive CAPEX programme primarily includes – in addition to replacements of existing installations – investments for integrating renewable energy and enabling the further integration of the European energy market via interconnections.

In May, for example, Elia commissioned the first section of the Stevin line, namely the 380-kV connection between the Horta and Eeklo Noord high-voltage substations. September saw the start of construction work on the Herdersbrug converter station near Bruges for Nemo Link, the interconnector with Great Britain. On 29 September, the German transmission system operator Amprion and Elia signed the contract to deliver the cable system for the first interconnector between Germany and Belgium as part of the ALEGrO project. Two months later, the contracts for the two HVDC (high-voltage direct-current) converter stations were awarded.

In June, 50Hertz together with Polish system operator PSE commissioned four phase-shifting transformers on the German-Polish border at Mikulowa. The transformer platform for the Wikinger offshore wind farm was equiped and installed in the Baltic Sea. The platform was a joint project between the Spanish energy group Iberdrola and 50Hertz. Onshore, the connection works for the Ostwind offshore grid continue unabated. (...)

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