Alegro (Elia)

The first interconnection between Belgium and Germany

Elia and the German Transmission System Operator Amprion (Germany) have decided to lay a direct link between their transmission systems. The particularity of this project is that it will use direct-current technology and its whole route will be laid underground.


  • boost the import and export capacity between the two countries;
  • reduce the risk of any imbalance between the available generation capacity and consumer demand;
  • enhance security of supply;
  • enable the circulation of renewable energy;
  • open up the electricity market to more competition, which will have a positive effect on electricity prices, benefitting companies and the community

The construction period will start in 2017 and the works are expected to take around two years to complete, from constructing the converter stations to laying cables along the entire route. The commercial operation of the interconnection is anticipated in the end of 2019.

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