Atlantic Wind Connection (Elia)

The Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) project aims to establish the United States’ first offshore multi-terminal High Voltage Direct Current ‘backbone’ grid. The planned ‘backbone’ grid will be built off the coasts of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia and will result in up to 7,000 MW of offshore wind energy being channelled into the PJM grid (a regional transmission organisation (RTO)). The finished grid, involving a total investment of over USD 5 billion, will be approximately 556 km long and split into five segments (A, B, C, D and E). This project, which will use cutting-edge multi-terminal HVDC VSC technology, will take over 10 years to complete.

Through Eurogrid International (a holding company in which Elia holds a 80% stake), the Elia Group has acquired a strategic minority shareholding of 10% in the first segment and a minority shareholding of 5% in the remaining four segments. The other investors in the project are Google, Marubeni, Bregal Energy and Atlantic Grid Investment.

In addition, the Elia Group has signed a long-term consultancy contract with Atlantic Grid Development, the sponsor of the AWC project.


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