For a successful energy transition in a sustainable world

In the interest of society

The situation is becoming increasingly clear. We need urgent measures to keep climate change under control.

As system operators in Belgium (Elia) and Germany (50Hertz), our mission is to realise the climate ambitions of the European Green Deal. Elia Group is therefore accelerating its investment programme. We are preparing our on- and offshore grid infrastructure for the integration of large volumes of renewable generation in order to electrify our society in a sustainable way. We are increasingly doing this in cooperation with other sectors and other countries.

To maintain a reliable electricity system in this rapidly changing context, we are investing heavily in digitalisation. In addition to our social commitments, we are also improving our own internal activities and embedding sustainable practices into our strategy.
In this way, we are actively working to accelerate the net-zero society.

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Elia Group is a frontrunner in the transition of the energy sector. Our strategy accommodates the profound and rapid changes in our business. At the same time, it reflects our essence so that we continue to create value for society in the future.

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As transmission system operators, Elia and 50Hertz lead the way for a successful energy transition in a sustainable world. Our grids have a crucial role to play in the decarbonisation of the energy sector and society in general.

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Elia Group’s Annual Report consists of three parts: the Activity Report, the Sustainability Report and the Corporate Governance & Financial Report where we provide information about our projects, corporate social responsibility, and financial and legal facts, respectively.

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Elia Group attaches great importance to transparent dialogue with shareholders, investors and other stakeholders. Our reports and results showcase the latest financial developments within the Group.

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The Investor Relations section provides detailed information about Elia Group's financial figures and legal structure – including the Elia share, Eurobonds, all financial publications and our financial calendar.

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