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Interim statement: Q1 2017

Good progress made on energy transition in Belgium and Germany


In April 2017, Elia approved formally the investment for an 'electricity plug' or a 'modular offshore grid' (MOG) in the North Sea. Choosing in favour of an MOG is of strategic importance for the future of Belgium in terms of its participation in the further development of renewable energy in the North Sea.

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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders approves 2016 financial results and dividend pay-out and also (re-)appoints directors


The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders today approved the financial results for the 2016 financial year and agreed with the proposed gross dividend of €1.58 per share.

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The Elia Group’s annual report is now online


The annual report provides a general overview of Elia and 50Hertz’s activities in 2016 and focuses on Elia’s new strategy and its main challenges and activities in Belgium. The first paper copies of the report will be available in May.

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Elia successfully completed € 250 Million bond offering


On Friday March 31, Elia System Operator NV/SA, the Belgian transmission system operator, has successfully issued a new 10-year € 250 million bond off its € 3 billion EMTN programme (*). The settlement date for the bond issue is expected to be 7 April 2017.


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Elia Group is progressing well on key investments while achieving solid results


Highlights 2016

  • Grid investments of €440 million in Belgium and €737 million in Germany to secure further the uninterrupted supply of electricity and to accommodate increasing renewable energy flows. ?
  • Very high system reliability (99.999%), benefiting 30 million end-users in Belgium and Germany. ?
  • Normalised net profit down 4.4% to €168.0 million following increased maintenance expenses in Germany (result down by 22.2%) partly compensated by a strong operational year in Belgium (up by 13.4%) ?
  • Dividend of €1.58 will be proposed at the General Assembly on 16 May 2017

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Regulated information – transparency declarations


Within the framework of the law of 2 May 2007 and the Royal decree of 14 February 2008 (publication of significant participations in companies listed on the stock exchange), Publi-T has notified Elia on 17 January 2017 that its interest in Elia has decreased under the threshold of 45% of the shares issued by Elia and reached 44.97% on 22 December 2016.

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Disclosure in accordance with section 15 of the Belgian Act of 2 May 2007


As a result of the implementation of the capital increase in favour of the members of the personnel of Elia System Operator NV/SA and its Belgian subsidiaries, as recorded in a notarial deed dated 22
December 2016, Elia System Operator NV/SA has issued 140.919 new shares.

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Interim statement: Q3 2016


  • Elia and Amprion have signed contracts for the delivery of the cable for ALEGRrO, the first interconnector between Germany and Belgium ?
  • German regulator sets return on equity for electricity and gas networks ?
  • Successful launch of the new Belgian-French & Belgian-Dutch Intraday capacity allocation solution

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Elia Group continues to invest significantly in grid development and posts a solid operational performance


Highlights for the first half of 2016

  • The Elia Group realises grid investments of €153 million in Belgium and €183 million in Germany to reinforce the grid infrastructure.
  •  Elia and 50Hertz continue to provide very high system reliability (99.999%), benefiting 30 million end-users in Belgium and Germany
  • Elia Group’s normalised1 net profit down 0.4% to €84.6 million following increased maintenance expenses and depreciation in Germany (down by 13.3%). Elia Transmission (Belgium) up by 18.8% following a solid operational performance.

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Elia Group Full Year 2016 results presentation on 24 February 2017


Chris Peeters (CEO) and Catherine Vandenborre (CFO) will comment on the consolidated results of the Full Year 2016. The event will start at 10:30 a.m. CET.

Access here the presentation.


Corporate Video
Elia is a group comprising two electricity transmission operators, one in Belgium and the other in northeast Germany.
Corporate Video
Corporate Video
Elia is a group comprising two electricity transmission operators, one in Belgium and the other in northeast Germany.

The Elia Group plays a key role in the European electricity market

The Elia Group encompasses two major transmission system operators (TSOs) in two different European regions: Elia Transmission in Belgium and 50Hertz Transmission -one of four German TSOs operational in north-east Germany.

Both TSOs operate at the heart of the European electricity grid as they balance the system 24/7 to ensure a safe supply of electricity to 30 million end users.

Being a Group of TSOs in different regions has given the Elia Group a unique perspective on how the electricity system works and evolves. This has allowed the company to build a solid track-record in tackling the major challenges of the energy transition.
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Dealing with the energy revolution

Dealing with the energy revolution

In order to cope with the ongoing energy transition, system operators have to show great flexibility in their management of the electricity system to ensure a safe supply of electricity at any time and a sustainable basis for the future evolution.

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Energy transition = game changer

Energy transition = game changer

The dynamics of the energy revolution are not limited to national concerns but rather have an increasingly important European dimension. Grid reinforcement and extension are identified as key for mastering the changes.

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Optimization, reinforcement & development

Optimization, reinforcement & development

The EU electricity system needs a more integrated and powerful than today’s network to provide a sound basis for the energy transition. This means that grid maintenance and grid investment levels have to be enhanced respectively increased considerably.

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