In the next few years, large-scale investments in renewable energy production and the offshore grid are due to be undertaken. To make a fundamental contribution to the accelerated development of offshore energy, Elia Group created a new subsidiary: WindGrid.


In recent years, Elia Group has contributed to the development, construction, integration and operation of offshore electricity networks via its subsidiaries Elia and 50Hertz. Through these, it has undertaken large-scale and innovative projects in both the North and Baltic seas. 

With WindGrid, Elia Group will continue to expand its activities overseas, since large-scale investments are being planned to develop offshore electricity grids in Europe and beyond. Indeed, the European Commission is aiming to quadruple Europe’s current offshore wind capacity to 60 GW by 2030 and 300 GW by 2050. 


PPL Corporation and Elia Group announce agreement to develop transmission solutions to connect future offshore wind capacity to onshore grid in New England

offshore platform

Belgian pioneers in offshore renewable energy join forces for second North Sea Summit in Ostend

NextEra Energy Transmission MidAtlantic and WindGrid announce agreement to work together in support of New Jersey offshore wind transmission proposal

The North Sea Summit logo

Elia Group signs Offshore Renewable Industry Declaration and expresses support for political agreements reached at the North Sea Summit today in Ostend (BE)

mock-up Princess Elisabeth Island

Elia awards EPCI contract for world’s first energy island to DEME and Jan De Nul

“WindGrid will be a reliable partner for governments that want to proactively build offshore grid infrastructure and renewable energy developers that are looking for solutions which will allow them to securely connect and integrate their offshore energy projects into onshore electricity networks. By maximising our experience and know-how and co-investing in international offshore grid infrastructure, WindGrid will make a fundamental contribution to accelerating the energy transition.”   

Chris Peeters – CEO Elia Group

“WindGrid will build on the offshore expertise of Elia and 50Hertz. The new company will both fulfill the demands of new customers and deliver on the technical and safety record that Elia and 50Hertz have established to date. I am proud that I have been given the opportunity to lead WindGrid”.

Markus Laukamp, CEO of WindGrid 

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