Electrical interconnectors

In order to ensure a secure electricity system at the same time as a competitive and integrated European energy market, the reinforcement of the European electricity grid with interconnectors between neighboring countries plays an increasingly important role.

Interconnections can offer additional possibilities to foster competition between market players and to best use of reserve capacities also cross-border.

Interconnectors create opportunities to trade electricity in wider European energy markets and as a consequence will contribute to downward pressure on electricity prices.

The Elia Group’s Import/Export in 2015 The Elia Group’s Import/Export in 2015
As transmission system operators in the heart of the European electricity system, Elia and 50Hertz are connected to the network of several neighbouring countries (see graphic). The interconnections to the neighbouring countries are used for substantial exchange of electricity, a result of the dynamic market activities in the two areas the Elia Group is active in.

To realize a further integration of the European electricity market, the Elia Group invests in the coming years in the efficiency, the reinforcement and the development of new interconnectors.