A joint responsibility: security of supply

In our complex electricity system, security of supply is the shared responsibility of many players: generators, transmission and distribution system operators, suppliers, public authorities and -increasingly important- consumers (through demand management).

The politicians and public authorities

They define a general policy on energy. The Elia Group offers information and analysis on a regular basis with regard to important points concerning regulatory frameworks, market developments, approval processes, security of supply, etc. Relevant workshops are organized on regional, national and European level to support political decision makers.

Transmission system operators

They provide market players with adequate and reliable power infrastructure and ensure an instantaneous balance between generation and demand, 24/7.


They provide electricity to their customers in accordance with their needs. They rely on the grids and system services of the transmission system operators in order to transmit the electricity.

Public relations

They develop approaches with customers, NGO’s and various associations for better social consensus on the ecologically and socially acceptable development of an electricity system able to provide security of supply.