Investor Relations

This section can answer any questions you have about the Group's financial information – including the Elia share, Eurobonds and our financial calendar.

The Legal Structure page gives you an overview of our structure and participations. On the Key Figures page, you will find our financial results for the last 5 years.

The Elia share has been listed on Euronext Brussels since 2005. You can find in-depth information about the Elia share, our dividends and shareholders on the Elia Share pages, along with the contact details for analysts who track the Elia share.

Elia has been issuing Eurobonds since 2004. Information on this subject as well as the Elia's Standard & Poor’s rating and EMTN Programme can be found on the Financial Debt pages.

All our financial publications can be downloaded on the Presentations & Publications page. A list of the financial events of the current year, can be found on the Financial Calendar page.

If you have any questions on this topic please contact our Investor Relations Officer.


Elia Group 1H2018 results presentation

Watch the webcast of 27 July featuring Catherine Vandenborre (CFO) on the consolidated results of the 1H2018 results.


Elia to acquire an additional 20% stake in Eurogrid

Watch the webcast of 23rd March 2018 featuring Chris Peeters (CEO) and Catherine Vandenborre (CFO).


Elia Group Full Year 2017 Results

Chris Peeters (CEO) and Catherine Vandenborre (CFO) presented the Elia Group Full Year 2017 Results on 23rd March 2018. Watch the webcast.




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