Elia Group continues to invest significantly in grid development and posts a solid operational performance

The Elia Group continues to invest in important grid development projects, aiming at maintaining a very high level of security of supply and contributing to the further development of the European energy market.

In Belgium, the Stevin project is in full swing: the underground cable works were started and the first part of the new line, between Zomergem and Eeklo, is since mid-May in operation. The first part of the project ‘Boucle de l’Est’, which allows the integration of onshore windfarms in the east of Belgium, will be operational end 2016. The first works for the Nemo project, the subsea-cable that will connect the UK with Belgium, will begin next September.

At 50Hertz in Germany, several substations (Wolmirstedt, Jessen, Hamburg North) were commissioned in the first half of 2016. Building permits are expected in the 3rd quarter of 2017 for the Uckermark 380kV-line which will connect the substation of Bertikow in Brandenburg with the Neuenhagen substation in Berlin. A supplementary procedure on bird protection is still running. The offshore windfarm Arkona Becken, part of the Ostwind 1 cluster, obtained all the required planning approvals and building of the wind farm has started. For the offshore interconnection "Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution', which will link the Danish region of Zealand with Germany Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania, EU grant agreement was received and award procedures for the Danish platform were finalized.
In line with our continued focus on the implementation of infrastructure projects, safety remains a top priority. In Belgium ‘GoForZero’ accidents for contractors was launched in June and the first pilot projects will follow this year.

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