Baltic 1 and 2 (50Hertz)

Baltic 1

The EnBW Baltic 1 wind farm is the first German offshore wind farm. It is located approximately 15 kilometres north of the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula. 21 wind turbines yearly generate a total of 185 gigawatt hours, which could supply 50,000 households. The voltage is transformed in the Bentwisch transforming station near Rostock, and connected to the onshore grid by 50Hertz.

Baltic 2

EnBW Baltic 2 is a further offshore wind farm, currently being built in the Baltic Sea near the Rügen Island. The 80 wind turbines should generate 1,200 gigawatt hours for approximately 340,000 households yearly– this would save 900,000 tonnes of CO2. EnBW Baltic 2 is expected to be connected to the grid in 2013.


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