Unlock The Future of Energy Through A Real-Time Price

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The Elia Group Hackathon is back! 

As with the previous two editions in Brussels and Berlin, we are challenging you again. Running together we go further. 


Get ready for the challenge! The pace of electrification in our daily lives is surpassing expectations while the shift towards cleaner energy sources that emit less or no CO2 has accelerated. As we navigate this transition, decentralized production and consumption of energy lights up the future in ways we never thought possible.

But here’s the real deal: To ride this wave successfully, we need to give the consumer a wide offer of energy services. Get ready to flip the switch on how you power up!


During the Elia Hackathon, you’ll be challenged on the concept of Real-Time Price.  

What’s the Real-Time Price? 

Elia Group is engaged in a major reflection on the evolution of the imbalance price, that makes it easily interpreted by the consumer and/or its Energy Service Provider and facilitate the valorization of flexible assets in accordance with the real-time system needs. This imbalance price evolution is called Real-Time Price  as Elia Group is seeking for a price that reveals the real value of energy. 

Elia Group is convinced that the Real-Time Price will play a crucial role in the success and efficiency of the energy transition. Following this, Elia Group intends to provide a clear financial incentive to energy service providers that facilitates the valorization of the consumer’s flexibility and doing so, decreases the total cost of the energy system. 

Your Mission

Your mission will be to show the tangible effects of flexible assets steered based on the real-time price. What is its impact on both the energy bill and the balance of the grid?

The result from this hackathon is the development of a prototype (or at least a simulation) for a customer-oriented product that valorizes its flexibility by steering assets based on the Real-Time Price. Final solutions will be run live at the end of the hackathon with real-time data.

Your Challenges

What do we expect:

Come up with an innovative product for the challenge you choose 
 Make sure it can handle a live, real-time scenario
 Think big: it should be scalable and useful for a bunch of customers!  




  • Awarding Criteria

    Products will be evaluated on the following criteria: 

    • Real-Time Price utilization: how effectively does the solution allow the customer to control energy costs using the real-time price?
    • Product appeal: is the product user-friendly, engaging, and innovative?
    • Technology implementation: is the product based on state-of-the art, scalable and reusable technology?
    • Scalability and impact of the solution: can the product be easily used by a wide range of customers? Is it designed to scale up to larger groups, maintaining its effectiveness and user experience? (Only for own use cases)
    • Live demo the product (prototype): bonus points will be awarded for teams that present a working prototype.
  • Which data will be provided to participants? 

    The following data will be provided to you during the hackathon: 

    • The forecasted and final Real-Time Prices
    • The day-ahead prices, as a day-ahead estimation of the Real-Time Price
    • For Challenge 1: asset and other data related to the chosen use case.

    All data is provided in Hackathon Time. The Hackathon Time is the virtual speed-up time used during the hackathon. Both historical and real-time data (in Hackathon Time) are provided.


  • All you need to know (for now)
  • Who’s this for?
  • What’s in it for you?
A versatile team brings forth the best solutions! We need a good mix of (international) students and professionals. From entrepreneurs to engineers, coders, UX/UI designers, and energy enthusiasts – everyone's welcome! You can even be a hackathon newbie or a seasoned pro! Your expertise and interest in business, IT, digital, data, design, and energy is what we're after. Join us in shaping the future!



Solve a real-world challenge: Apply your skills to make a tangible impact on the energy industry.

Collaborative Innovation: Engage with top-tier professionals and emerging talents to co-create innovative solutions.

Network with experts in the field: Connect with industry experts, start-ups & entrepreneurs.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, potential partners, and industry influencers.

Meet likeminded people: sustainability, data & tech enthusiasts

Access to Talent: Meet & connect with top talent from the pool of participants.

Skill Enhancement: Develop your teamwork, problem-solving, and innovation skills.

Visibility and Recognition: Showcase your company as a leader in innovation and gain recognition within the industry.

  • How can you apply?
  • What makes you eligible?
  • Form a well-rounded team (of 6) with diverse skills & experiences. If you don’t manage to compose your own team, we’ll assign you one.
  • Submit your team’s registration by March 15 at the latest.
  • After registration, we’ll evaluate your team composition. If there’s a fit, you’ll be chosen to join the Hackathon. Keep an eye out for our confirmation!

Register to the Hackathon

Our upcoming hackathon is open to everyone passionate about energy optimization and innovation. Whether you're an experienced professional, a creative student, or an aspiring entrepreneur, we invite you to bring your ideas and enthusiasm. To effectively tackle our challenges, we recommend teams comprise a mix of developers, data scientists, UI/UX specialists, and product strategists. As the number of seats are limited, pre-formed teams of participants will be preferred, and Elia reserves the right to select participants based on the relevance of their skillset.


  • What prizes will the winning team receive?
    • For students: Each member of the winning team will be awarded an internship opportunity at Elia Group, along with a cash prize of €1000.
    • For professionals: The winning team will have the chance to collaborate with Elia Group to develop the MVP.
  • Who can participate?
    The Elia Group Hackathon is open to a diverse range of participants. Whether you’re pursuing studies or already working as an experienced professional in the fields of business, IT, digital, data, design, sustainability or any related field, you can join.
  • Can I participate if I’m not from a technical background?
    Absolutely! The hackathon is open to participants from diverse backgrounds, including non-technical ones. We believe that a mix of skills and perspectives contributes to innovative solutions. Whether you're from a technical or non-technical field, your unique insights are valuable, and we encourage your participation.
  • Should I apply on my own or as part of a team?
    We highly recommend signing up as a team (of 6 people) for the best collaborative experience. If you’re unable to find a team, no worries! We will match you with one before the hackathon, allowing you ample time to familiarize yourself with your team members before diving into the collaboration.
  • What if my team has only 4 members?
    If you're submitting an application as a team, please ensure that you have registered all members of your team using the provided form. Teams are allowed a maximum of 6 members. If your team has fewer than 6 members, we might add other participants to your team at a later stage.
  • What’s the ideal team composition like?
    To tackle the challenges effectively, teams should ideally comprise a mix of roles. This includes developers and data scientists for algorithmic optimization and connecting to the various API’s provided, UI/UX specialists for application design, and product/business strategists to consider the application's overall strategy, system integration, and market introduction.
  • I want to take part, but I’m not free on all the days. Can I still participate?
    No, unfortunately, participation in the hackathon requires availability for all three days. Given the intensive nature of the event, we want to ensure that participants have sufficient time to fully engage in the collaborative process and contribute to the hackathon's objectives.
  • Is there a registration fee?
    No, participation in this event is completely free of charge!
  • I come from abroad. What are the travel and sleep arrangements?
    Travel support is exclusively available for students. Students in Belgium will receive 50 euros, while those coming from abroad will receive 200 euros to assist with their travel expenses. Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. We’ll let you know how to claim a reimbursement once you have been officially invited to take part in the hackathon. The reimbursement will be processed after the event.
  • What should I bring to the hackathon?
    A GitHub account is essential for solving the challenges. Please ensure you have one before the hackathon begins. If you don't already have a GitHub account,you can create one here. Bring also your ID, laptop, charger, notebook and most importantly your passion and energy.
  • Will there be food & drinks?
    Speak to someone who has experienced a Hackathon, and they'll likely affirm that catering was ample. That's our plan too 😉.
  • How can I contact the organizers?
    Do you have questions? We are here for you! You can reach out to us via EGhackathon2024@elia.be

Previous winners

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