Elia Group’s whistleblowing system

The importance of our ‘governance’ pillar has increased significantly, as it is considered to be a prerequisite and enabler for all areas related to sustainability. We therefore devoted an entire dimension of our Act Now programme to this topic: dimension 5. This dimension aims to strengthen stakeholders’ trust in the Group and  in our sustainability activities as a whole. 

Elia Group's Code of Ethics includes values, standards and rules that we wish to respect in the relationship with our stakeholders: customers, suppliers, shareholders, the community and our employees.

Elia Group has strict requirements for frankness, integrity and applies a zero tolerance against unlawful acts. In line with the EU whistleblowing directive, Elia Group has set up a whistleblower reporting tool: EthicsAlert. This tool can be used to notify the company, anonymously or not, of any violation of any applicable laws and regulations or of the Elia Group Code of Ethics.

Elia Group is committed to take all cases of integrity violations seriously.

How it works?

For whom?

  • Stakeholders who acquired information a work-related context, such as trainees, (former) employees, job candidates, self-employed, (sub)contractors, customers, suppliers etc.


  • Violations of integrity of applicable legislation regarding:
    • public procurement;
    • protection of the environment;
    • public health;
    • consumer protection;
    • protection of privacy and personal data and security of network and information systems;
    • tax and social fraud;
    • Competition Law.
  • All possible violations of professional elements of the Elia Group Code of Ethics and its derived policies

A full list is available in Elia Group’s Whistleblowing Policy.


(Anonymously) via reporting mechanism EthicsAlert

What guarantees do I receive?

  • Professional treatment of each notification made via EthicsAlert
    Every report made will be handled seriously and within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Confidentiality
    All notifications are treated with full discretion and people responsible of treatment are bound to secrecy.
  • Non-Retaliation
    Reporters of notifications are protected from sanctions and/or unfair treatment as a result of reporting an issue.
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