Consumer-Centric Market Design (CCMD)

Towards a consumer-centric and sustainable electricity system

Breaking down barriers to better services

The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and heat pumps is accelerating, opening the door to new ways for consumers to interact with the electricity system. The technologies needed to encourage demand side participation are available today. However, the large-scale participation of retail demand side flexibility is not yet happening. 

One key reason for this is that the current market design includes several barriers which prevent the active participation of small flexibility assets. The Consumer-Centric Market Design (CCMD) which is outlined in Elia Group’s white paper addresses these barriers. Once it has been rolled out, existing and new suppliers will be able to provide their customers with better services, allowing them to reap the benefits of the flexibility embedded in their appliances. 

Several years ago, Elia in Belgium was at the forefront of the introduction of a market design for industrial demand side response. This created a new ecosystem of flexibility aggregators and allowed industrial consumers to monetise their flexibility. 

We believe the CCMD can be just as successful. The very positive feedback we have received about it so far echoes our own enthusiasm. In order to make the CCMD a reality, we are collaborating closely with actors across the value chain and stakeholders from across society as a whole. Throughout 2021, we will focus on addressing any remaining questions about it. After undergoing a phase of testing, the CCMD should be ready to be rolled out as early as 2023 or 2024. 

The CCMD will offer the energy sector an incredible opportunity. It will allow the efficient integration of more renewable energy, will allow consumers to reap the benefits of their investments in flexible assets (such as heat pumps, EVs, solar PV and electrical boilers) and will support the decarbonisation of society. 

Information session Consumer-Centric Market Design

The aim of the information session was to present and discuss our Consumer-Centric Market Design vision paper in a more detailed manner.


An important outcome of this information session should be to identify the aspects and elements we should explore and discuss further with market parties in the upcoming Roundtables. The three Roundtables regarding this subject will take place on :

During these roundtables, your questions and suggestions about the Consumer-Centric Market Design will be addressed and discussed. These meetings will be hybrid sessions:

  • physical attendance will be limited to participants who actively want to discuss the topics addressed in the roundtable
  • online participation is possible for participants who only want to follow the discussion and possibly raise additional questions, without actively debating the topics

What do our stakeholders say about CCMD?

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