Purchasing activities: Brussels & Berlin

The purchasing activities of Elia and 50Hertz have been integrated into the Elia Group umbrella from the 1st of March 2019 onwards.

Create additional value for the entities

The ambition of the new purchasing Group structure is to create additional value for the respective entities belonging to the Group together with a bigger impact on the whole organization

Elia Group will achieve this ambition, amongst other, by:

  • having a broader and deeper market and product related knowledge;
  • by speaking with one voice towards the suppliers;
  • by leveraging on the respective expertise.

Elia Group pursues a long-term partnership with its suppliers where not only the price, but also the quality and the safety of the goods and services delivered will play a central role.

Purchasing at Group and local level

Elia Group will buy some specific activities at Group level whilst other will remain local. Electrical equipment, IT and the special projects will be centrally managed with a Group perspective. Other purchases will still be bought locally (works, pruning, facility management…) but the Group will implement a strong exchange of experience between the local entities. 

Elia Group will purchase Electrical Equipment to a large extent at the same time for both entities.

Depending on the product, either Elia or 50 Hertz, the tender will be organized for the Group, in accordance with the respective legislation.

To find more details about the local tender process, you can have a look at our local website.

You can find specific information regarding the local purchases on the local Elia and 50Hertz websites together with the common Group purchases.

General and Specific Conditions

  • IT
  • Electrical equipment

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