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Elia Group is active in electricity transmission. With its two TSOs - Elia in Belgium and 50Hertz in Germany - the Group is one of the top 5 leading transmission system operators in Europe. In addition, we participate in the Nemo Link joint venture that operates the interconnector between Belgium and the United Kingdom.  Elia and 50Hertz also provide consulting services through their joint subsidiary Elia Grid International.

A leading TSO Group at the heart of the European electricity system 

Through our subsidiaries in Belgium (Elia) and in the northeast of Germany (50Hertz), we operate 19,276 km of high-voltage connections that supply power to over 30 million end-users (large industries & households). With a reliability level of 99.999%, we provide society with a robust power grid that supports socio-economic prosperity. Furthermore, our interconnectors with neighbouring countries allow for electricity trade in wider European energy markets.

Elia operates an electricity transmission system with voltage levels between 30 and 400 kilovolt (kV). 50Hertz transports electricity over high-voltage levels of 150, 220 and 380 kilovolts (kV).


Elia Group’s newest legal entity, WindGrid, will focus on offshore development outside of its current regulated perimeters. In February 2022, the Board of Directors approved the formation of this new subsidiary, solidifying the group’s commitment to accelerating the energy transition in the interest of society both in its home countries and abroad. WindGrid will deliver and unlock further revenue streams for the group, whilst enabling it to remain at the forefront of offshore wind development and maintain its relevance in the long term

Nemo Link joint venture

In addition to our activities as transmission system operator in Belgium and in north and east Germany, Elia also participates in the Nemo Link joint venture that operates the first subsea interconnector between Belgium (Elia) and the United Kingdom (National Grid).

Nemo Link is a crucial step in the integration of the electricity grid between continental Europe and the UK and facilitates access to renewable energy all over Europe, as well as allowing excess energy to be exported. Connecting the Richborough (UK) and Herdersbrug (Belgium) converter stations via a 140 km cable (130 km submarine) was an extremely complex undertaking that entailed many technical challenges. The interconnector is operational since Q1 2019.


Consultancy services on the international energy market

In addition to our TSO activities in Belgium and Germany, Elia Group offers a wide range of consultancy and top level engineering services on the international energy market through its fully owned subsidiary Elia Grid International. Elia Grid International develops power system projects for third parties and looks into the possibilities of investment opportunities in foreign electricity systems. Elia Grid International has offices in Brussels, Berlin, Dubai, Doha and Singapore.


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