Corporate Bodies

Elia Group is organised around two Transmission System Operators (TSOs), Elia in Belgium and 50Hertz in Germany with their full-fledged Governance Structure.

Elia Group Committee (EGC)

The activities of Elia Group are coordinated by the Elia Group Committee (EGC) composed of:

Chris Peeters

Elia Group CEO


Peter Michiels

Chief Alignment Officer


Dr. Frank Golletz

CEO 50Hertz,

Chief Technical Officer

Catherine Vandenborre

Chief Financial Officer


Elia in Belgium

Executive Committee

Chris Peeters

Chief Executive Officer
and Chairman

Catherine Vandenborre

Chief Financial Officer

Markus Berger

Chief Infrastructure Officer

Patrick De Leener

Chief Customers, Market
and System Officer

Frédéric Dunon

Chief Assets Officer

Pascale Fonck

Chief External Relations Officer

Peter Michiels

Chief Human Resources and
Internal Communication Officer

Ilse Tant

Chief Community Relations Officer

50Hertz in Germany

Executive Committee

Dr. Frank Golletz

Chief Executive Officer and
Chief Technical Officer, 
Managing Director

Marco Nix

Chief Financial Officer,

Managing Director 

Dr. Dirk Biermann

Chief Markets & System Operation Officer,
Managing Director

Sylvia Borcherding

Chief Human Resources Officer

Corporate Governance & Financial Results 2018

More information on our corporate governance and specific obligations in terms of transparency, neutrality and non-discrimination towards all stakeholders involved in our activities, can be found in part 2 of the Elia Group Annual Report 2018:

More information about our coordinated status

More information about our management bodies

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