03 December 2019

Stefan Kapferer in office as new 50Hertz-CEO

The German Transmission System Operator (TSO) 50Hertz now has a new chairman of the executive board. Stefan Kapferer is in office since December 1st. Up until the end of October Kapferer was head of BDEW, the German Association of Energy and Water Industries.

Kapferer says he is excited about the new job and is looking forward to lead to company: “The next phase of the realisation of the energy transition is an even greater challenge in terms of entrepreneurship and the European side of things. TSOs play an essential role here – and 50Hertz in particular is extremely well prepared – as a part of the Elia Group and when it comes to being a pioneer in the integration of energy from renewable sources into our grids”, Kapferer stressed during the press conference on 3rd December in Berlin. In Kapferer’s opinion, the greatest challenges will be the coal phase-out, the implementation of the so-called Klimapaket (a bundle of legislative initiatives by the German federal government) and the grid expansion: “The imminent nuclear phase-out and the future coal phase-out lead to the fact that the issues of security of supply and the generation of capacities will be on top of our agenda.” Kapferer pointed out, that since the expansion of onshore wind energy becomes more difficult it is even more important to make the right decisions when it comes to offshore wind power – on top of that it is necessary to take care of the supplementary gas plants.
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