10 March 2021

Elia Group to rejoin BEL 20

Elia Group will rejoin the BEL 20 index on 22 March 2021. The company has been listed on Euronext Brussels since 2005 and was previously included in the BEL 20 between March 2012 and March 2017.

Its return to the index is evidence of the market's confidence in its growth and strategy.

Elia Group is an active player in electric power transmission, ensuring that generation and consumption are balanced at all times. It operates in Belgium (via Elia) and Germany (via 50Hertz) and supplies 30 million end users with electricity, making it one of the top five transmission system operators in Europe.

Last year, Elia Group invested €337.4 million in its infrastructure in Belgium (and €715.9 million in Germany) in order to guarantee a reliable and sustainable energy system. Over the next five years, the Group’s investments in infrastructure will reach €7.9 billion (€3.2 billion of which will be invested in Belgium) in order to ensure an efficient electricity system and to address the ambitions and challenges the Group will face going forward.

Elia Group is a listed holding company whose core shareholder is the municipal holding company, Publi-T which holds a 44.83% stake. This ensures the Group has strong local anchorage, allowing it to play a pivotal role in the interest of society. The BEL 20 index is made up of those Belgian companies listed on Euronext Brussels which have the largest free-float market capitalisation, whose shares are sufficiently liquid and where at least 15% of staff are employed in Belgium. Its composition is reviewed each year in March.

Yannick Dekoninck
Head of Capital Markets
Boulevard de l'Empereur 20 B-1000 Brussels                             
Marleen Vanhecke
Elia Group Head Communication & Reputation
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