18 June 2021

Elia Group publishes white paper on a consumer-centric and sustainable electricity system, calling for collaboration and inviting allies to its first hackathon

BRUSSELS – BERLIN | “Towards a Consumer-Centric and Sustainable Electricity System” outlines Elia Group’s proposed market design for unleashing competition behind the meter.

Digitalisation and the adoption of electric vehicles and heat pumps are opening the door to new ways for consumers to interact with the electricity system. The flexibility of these appliances could play an important role in maintaining the balance in an energy system that encompasses a high amount of intermittent renewables and a decreasing amount of thermal generation. 
  • White paper on a Consumer-Centric Market Design (CCMD) published as starting point for discussions about unleashing competition ‘behind the meter’ and encouraging the development of consumer-oriented services 
  • Elia Group is aiming to foster dialogue between all market parties, and is hosting its first hackathon which will focus on the development of consumer-centric services this October - interested parties are being invited to register to take part now
The white paper was virtually presented this morning during a live on tape recording. 

If you are interested in taking part in the hackathon, you can register to participate via this form:

Register for the hackathon

Marleen Vanhecke
Head of Communication & Reputation Elia Group

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