21 May 2019

Shareholders’ Meeting approves the 2018 financial results, the dividend pay-out and authorised capital

Today, Elia held its Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders. Shareholders approved all items on the agenda.

The Ordinary General Meeting of 21 May 2019 approved the results for the 2018 financial year and the gross dividend pay-out of €1.66 per share as proposed by the Board of Directors.
The Extraordinary General Meeting that was held immediately after it, authorised the Board of Directors to increase the capital of Elia by a maximum amount of €435,000,000 (including issuance premium), by way of a public offering with preference rights for the shareholders.
Marleen Vanhecke
Elia Group Head Communication & Reputation
Yannick Dekoninck
Head of Capital Markets
Boulevard de l'Empereur 20 B-1000 Brussels                             
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