31 December 2019

Completion of the internal reorganisation of the Elia Group

Just before midnight today, Elia will have effectively implemented its internal reorganisation, the aim of which is to isolate and ring-fence the regulated activities of Elia in Belgium from the non-regulated activities and regulated activities outside Belgium.

As previously communicated in the press release of 2 October 2019, this reorganisation aims to optimise Elia’s debt positions in view of the new Belgian tariff methodology for the regulatory period 2020-2023. The Commission for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas (CREG) has confirmed that, by ring-fencing the Belgian regulated activities of Elia from its non-regulated activities and its regulated activities outside Belgium, the implemented reorganisation will significantly reduce the risk of cross-subsidy between those activities.
Yannick Dekoninck
Head of Capital Markets
Boulevard de l'Empereur 20 B-1000 Brussels                             
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