20 November 2020

Elia Group’s vision paper on e-mobility identifies three enablers for the adoption of electric vehicles as soon and as widely as possible to achieve a sector transformation with the fastest and greatest CO2 impact in the coming decade

In its vision paper “Accelerating to net-zero: redefining energy and mobility”, published today, Elia Group describes how better alignment between the power and mobility sectors can deliver societal benefits and push electric mobility to widespread adoption.

With transport currently accounting for a quarter of Europe’s CO2 emissions and electric vehicle (EV) technology close to maturity, the mobility sector can make a major difference in a short time. However, successful convergence between the power and mobility sectors can only be achieved if current barriers are removed and additional value streams are unlocked and developed. 

Elia Group has identified three enablers that can give consumers a superior driving experience while making the power and mobility sectors more sustainable. 

Marleen Vanhecke
Head of Communication & Reputation Elia Group
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